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How Does Artificial Intelligence Influence a Start-up Economy?

The technological advancements of today shadow the brilliance of years as people seek further innovation in a race to achieve the best, and at the earliest to beat off the competition. Artificial intelligence has gradually found its way into the technological industry. It has established itself as an integral component in problem-solving, […]


How AI in Wearable Health Apps Will Change Tomorrow

Wearable devices when powered with AI technologies, getting immense capabilities to yield better applications for a bright tomorrow and give new directions to the healthcare industry. The current post is describing how AI can aid wearable apps to serve the industry in better ways. Let’s see how it could be. […]


12 Ways How IT Staffing Can Improve Your Business

While the others waste their time on arguing if globalization is good or evil, smart businessmen take advantage of the option they got. Globalization together with innovations make it possible to optimize expenditures and business processes. In what way? Hiring a remote team of software developers is now easier than […]