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Sales KPIs You Need to Follow to Close More Deals

Cloud technology brought us the increased capacity to gather and crunch sales data. However, faced with this abundance of numbers we've also fallen into the trap of misusing it and measuring vanity metrics which don't provide us with useful insights. Instead,we should focus on real growth driving sales KPIs. Sales […]


The Sales Rep's Motto [Infographic]

Most sales reps spend 40% or more of their time collecting and assembling information for their next sales pitch. While this time is not futile, as it helps to perfect the presentation, perhaps the sales rep could produce a higher return by boosting sales enablement by 10%. You can raise […]


Automotive Sealants

Professional automotive paint, body, and repair shops understand the importance of using high-quality parts and products to achieve their desired results. When applied correctly, a car sealant protects your ride from the elements, preserves paint jobs, and can increase its value. ROGO Fastener carries a range of sealants to meet […]