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Top Salesforce Implementation Mistakes

Salesforce has proved itself to be a powerful tool for businesses. The scope of growth and potential to see a rise in revenue and customer base is huge, making it a must have tool for the sales and marketing divisions of companies belonging to a variety of background. Now, when […]


Simple Process Guaranteed to Increase Sales

When seeking ways to increase sales, most sales managers and business owners tend to focus on improving the close ratios. While doing so is a legitimate tactic, improving the close ratio of a sales team can be challenging. On the other hand, increasing opportunities for the sales team is a […]


3 Tips to Help You Improve Your Sales

While there are many factors that affect a company’s success, there’s no denying that few should take higher precedence than sales. After all, the sales and leads your company acquires are what will allow you to generate a profit and have a lasting impact on the marketplace. With a good […]


5 Steps to Properly Track Sales Goals

It is almost impossible for a sales team to be successful if it is not tracking how it is reaching its goals. You should be able to answer questions such as “how many conversions did you have this week” or “how many cold calls did you make this week.” Having […]


Key elements of successful sales management

The job of a sales manager is widely considered to be one of the most demanding of all sales-related roles, requiring the ability to balance a vast number of responsibilities. Indeed, sales leaders must look out for the interests of customers, staff and the business itself, which is why companies […]


How Rewards and Incentives Boost Annual Sales

For the sales-minded, life as a sales representative is as exciting as it gets. Every day is like a trip to the casino, but you have much greater control over the odds. You can bring all of your considerable talents to bear – your personality, your intelligence, your belief in […]


How to Use Sales Acceleration Technology in 2016

Do you want to close the content loop between sales and marketing? If yes, then you will need to create a solid yet repeatable sales procedure. The CRM platforms are designed to help you organize and manage this whole process better. These platforms promise you the visibility and ability to […]