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4 Phases of a Narcissistic Relationship

You just scheduled an appointment with Roberson’s Plumbing and Septic to fix your leaky faucet when you get a call from your partner. They seem agitated with you, and you aren’t sure where it’s coming from. Yet, you’ve noticed they’ve changed over the last few weeks. They used to be […]


How to Improve Mother-Daughter Relationships?

Each mother-daughter relationship is unique. Some mothers and daughters are more like sisters; others see each other monthly while others avoid each other like plague. The difference between these diverse relationships is based on how they relate. I remember when my daughter was in her adolescence, our once loving ‘can’t […]


The Relationship between Massage and Cancer

A massage brings about a relaxed feeling by stroking and rubbing soft body tissues as well as manipulating body muscles. For cancer patients, it has a whole lot of benefits since it helps in coping, enhances life’s quality and minimizes the cancer symptoms. Massage is regarded as a complementary therapy […]