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10 Tips to Find a Life Partner

The love connection and close relationship with that closest person is an incredible inspiration and a huge motivation for all of us. It is even said that the power of love is capable of moving mountains. Although this is probably too lofty a term, it cannot be denied that love and […]


How to Know You Have a Strong Partner

Relationships require some work. Everybody, regardless of the length of time they have been together, regardless of if they just met or have been in a union for long, will have to do some work on their relationship with the partner at one time. If you desire a loving, strong […]

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How to Ask Your Partner About Their Sexual History

While someone’s sexual history doesn’t define them, it contributes to their views on intimacy. That’s why it’s important to ask your partner about their experiences early on in a relationship. Although this conversation can help build trust between you and your partner, it may also feel incredibly vulnerable and awkward. […]