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How Flowers can Help with Your Well Being

There’s a reason why flower delivery businesses are the busiest during Valentine’s day and it’s no coincidence that “florist bouquet” is one of the most-searched words in the day of love. Flowers, and not only on St. Valentine’s day, can do wonders to one’s well being. And while their aesthetic […]


Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Ideas

Since looming is the craze for all right now, here are some of the best rainbow loom ideas for you. These are simple yet very effective ideas that you can arrange even in a short span of time. Looming is now popular among adults and the kids, so why not […]

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Gifts: A Ritual for Happiness

The ritual of gift exchange is an old tradition across the globe. It is a social, cultural, and economic phenomenon and aids in maintaining social relations and expressing feelings. What is the goal of a gift? It illustrates your intention to the receiver. It makes the receiver happy. […]