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DX Amateur Radio – DX News Review

Today, people have been fascinated by technology and communication. One such technology is the radio, especially the HAM radio. By using a wide spectrum of frequencies, amateur radio enthusiasts have been communicating with like-minded people from all parts of the world. The radio amateurs are also known as hams. The term HAM […]

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What to See and Do in Bayswater, London

Believed to have originated from Bainiardus, an associate of William the Conqueror (who was crowned the first King of England in 1066) and whose name was also given to Baynard's Castle, the name ‘Bayswater' was abbreviated after the area became known as ‘Baynard's Watering'. It has been an important area […]

Travel and living

A Guide to South Bank, London

When it comes to a pleasurable holiday trip nothing comes in your mind at the first place than London. The capital city of England is all enticing, alluring, and attracts thousands of travelers every year. No matter what the season is there will be visitors seen flocking around the streets […]

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Freedom on the Road

There is a range of quality built, French-designed and lightweight motorcycle trailers called Erde. The presiding motorcycle trailer in Australia is a traditional, painted, heavy steel contraption that takes a gas tank and drinks the fuel like a fish off the wagon. Erde leisure trailers are specifically designed to surrogate the function of a […]