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It’s Your Money: Use It, Don’t Lose It

Most people avoid talking about life insurance for the simple reason it forces you to admit to our own mortality. After all, as some people say, you reap little benefit directly and it only comes into play upon your departure from this life. That’s not entirely accurate. There are more […]


Why Do I Need A Family Health Insurance?

Ask yourself, "Can I afford to pay the soaring prices for my child health checkups scheduled for every two months?" If the answer is NO, then there are chances that you need a family health insurance policy. As a spouse and parent, your job is to protect your family's well-being […]

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Things to Consider after Having a Car Accident

Car accidents are a nightmare, especially when they cause significant injury. Road accidents are quite common, with approximately 1.2 million people losing their lives from car crashes every year worldwide. What’s even more staggering is that a staggering 50 million people are left disabled or injured every year from road […]

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Landlord Insurance for Peace of Mind

Landlord insurance is essential for providing rental property owners protection from lawsuits that may arise as a result of physical harm or property damage. It also gives landlords protection for their investments that can be compromised in case any damage happens. This type of insurance is offered to owners of […]


How to Launch a Career in Insurance

After the great recession and subprime mortgage collapse of 2008, the financial world was plunged into a state of disrepair. Most importantly, lenders and banking institutions began to be viewed with genuine mistrust, while consumer spending ground to a halt and the global economy weakened. The impact of this was […]


Is the US Health Care Industry Growing?

As the US economy grows, concerned citizens are also asking if health care in the country is rising as well. With the growing trend of health issues in the nation and worldwide, one is left to wonder if the health care system can handle it all. Still, the US is […]