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Top 5 Things to do for a Product Launch

The extent of success for a product is often determined by its launch, which is as much about doing things properly as it is avoiding mistakes. This article is designed to cover the top five things that, if done properly, will substantially increases the success of your product launch. It […]


12 Ideas to Use Twitter Lists

Many people still do not take advantage of the use of the Lists on Twitter, in some cases because they do not know and in others because they can not find a specific use. Let me leave you some ideas of how to use them. The process to create them […]


Buiding Content-One of the Key Factors in SEO

How Much Does Your Content Matter? The Internet is basically a mirror of human psychology. Humans are social beings, so it's really a manifestation of group psychology. The better you can understand your target group and "what matters" to them, the more successful your Lazy Man SEO efforts will be. […]


SEO Tips for Driving Your Blog Content Strategy

There are so many articles, blogs, and guest posts on the Internet on every subject under the sun that it is simply amazing that you could have content that is original. Virtually everything seems to have been written upon and rewritten so many times that it seems almost impossible to […]