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Have a Mobile App Idea? What Next?

Have an awesome idea of a startup mobile app? Well, that’s a great thought!! But what next?? Do you have any plans of how you will materialize it and get your desired app running for real?? If you haven’t thought of that yet then this simple, quick guide might help […]

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Living with Climate Change

Many have noticed how the weather, at times, is more severe than it used to be. Despite what the deniers say, climate change is not your imagination and poses a real threat to humanity in the 21st century. Areas across the world are experiencing stronger storms and bigger extremes in […]


Exciting Ideas For Family Bonding

With people’s busy schedules and numerous obligations, the concept of family is gradually dying out. Families are no longer as united as they were in the past, and children and parents barely get time to interact and bond. However, it is not too late for any family to start bonding. […]


Why You Need a Table Saw as a DIY Junky

The main concept behind DIY (Do it Yourself) is to avoid relying on others to do things for you and the fact that you also kind of prefer doing things yourself because it is fun and increases your knowledge and skills. Besides, if you want something done right, you have […]