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How to Choose the Right Anniversary Gift?

We all must admit that selecting an anniversary gift does require a lot of thinking. There is no single answer to a perfect anniversary gift because the choices and preferences of each are different. However if you spend considerable time and effort to pick the right anniversary gift for your […]


Family Games for Wet Sunday Afternoons

Every parent dreads the moment when they look out of the window at a miserable wet scene. The children are bored, the rain’s not going to stop, and your partner’s taken the car. Somehow, you’ve got to get through the afternoon before the children wreck the place. Likewise, how do […]


3 Top Tile Trends For 2018

For the last couple of years, tile trends have revolved around a few stalwart styles which seemed to look like they’d never change, until 2018 that is! This year has given way to some brand new tiling trends as well as allowing through some of last year’s emerging trends too; […]


6 Must Have Apps for Every Ebook Lover

eBooks have become the norm these days with so many people making the switch to eBooks from traditional hardback and paperbacks. In this article, we will list a set of 6 apps that every eBook lover should have. These apps will help you to get the most out of your […]

stressed man screaming

10 Simple Techniques to Release Stress

When you continue adding air to a balloon, it becomes bigger and bigger until it can take no more and, with a loud bang, it gives in to the pressure. Not much remains afterwards. Stress has the same effect on people. Too much, and harmful effects will surely follow. But […]

Indian Style Decor

Decor No-Nos: What You Shouldn’t Do

There are a good deal of books and magazines offering advice and inspiration on how to decorate homes today. In addition, TV shows as well as online features provide us with a wide range of wonderful advice on the things that one needs to buy or look into in order […]