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How to Grow Your Extra Cash

Frugal living and smart money management are the keys to setting aside some extra cash. Now that you have some money put away, you may wonder whether you can grow that extra cash through a careful investment: The answer is yes. You can invest a small amount of money into something […]


Very Easy Jobs You Can Do For Extra Cash

Life can sometimes be incredibly busy, and stressful. Everyday life brings about stress in our relationships, finances, and health. We’ve all been through periods of our life that seem more stressful than others. Maybe someone in the family has fallen ill, and needs a caretaker. Or maybe you’ve just been […]

Personal finance

How to Get Quick Cash in San Francisco

When people move to the “City by the Bay,” they expect the best: great homes and better views of the beach and the city. These things, unfortunately, come with a price. According to Numbeo, the total cost of living in San Francisco is 62.6% higher than the U.S. average—and housing […]