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The Most Common Craigslist Scams

You know what Craigslist is, right? If the answer is no, then surely you've been living under a rock since 1995 when the site first graced us with its presence. We use the term "graced" because, in lieu of its track record, Craigslist is pretty awesome. The online marketplace makes […]


Things to Remember When Stopped For DUI

So, you have been stopped and pulled up by the cops, just when you are coming back from that long time get together with your college friends. Although it is quite human to indulge into a little alcohol at a college or school reunion with your long lost buddies, if […]


A Beginners’ Guide on How to Get in Shape

Did you wake up this morning and make a resolution to get fit? More often than not, this resolution goes straight out of the window by day three. Get your new found determination to stick by creating an exercise master plan. Get It Together Have you ever tried to get […]


Tips for Breastfeeding after Cosmetic Surgery

Many women have breast enhancement or reduction surgeries in order to improve their appearance and give their self-confidence a boost during their youthful years. At the time of the operation, these women are often not thinking about pregnancy, breastfeeding and babies. When that season in life approaches, many cosmetic surgery […]