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When a Suprapubic Catheter is Necessary

Many people who undergo suprapubic catheter insertion have concerns about safety. A study published in the Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2006 addresses this concern. The study looked at a total of 219 patients who underwent suprapubic catheter insertion utilizing cystoscopic guidance at two urology […]


10 Ways to Support the Lymphatic System

With a cold and flu season, you need to be prepared for your arsenal of immune boosters like Vitamin C and specific herbs. However, if you are neglecting your lymphatic system, you are ought to miss a lot at your health end. A good lymphatic system can help in reducing […]


How to prevent household pests

Is there anything worse than coming home after a lovely afternoon out spending time with friends to find that a whole host of ants have moved into your home and are currently enjoying themselves feasting on a smear of honey on your dining room table? Probably not-at least not in […]

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Slips and Falls: Accident at Gym

There are quite a few safety measures a person exercising in a gym must consider to keep accident at gym from happening. It is very simple to exercise and damage a body part. Simply, you will get injury if you don’t have training how to exercise on gym machines. By […]