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Leaving Tax Money on the Table

If you enjoy the occasional poker game like I do, you would not think about leaving your money on the table when you leave the game. In my tax preparation experience, I have noticed that many people do this every year. Your tax software will assist you to ensure that you […]

Green tech

Using the Tech to Have a Greener Lifestyle

It is not only about preserving the Earth for the younger generations. It is also about saving the people today. The statistics say that the effect of pollution kill as many people as HIV or malaria (Linze Rice, Therefore, everybody should do their share and try to live a […]

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Great Gift Ideas for College Guys

Shopping for college guys can always be a bit of a chore – especially when all they seem to do is grunt at you. Stuck for gift ideas? You won’t be for long. From funny tees to Swiss Army knives, here are some great gift ideas for college-age guys. iPod […]

AED gadgets

AED: The Gadget That Saves Lives

Technology has filled our world with gadgets we can use for fun and health. But others are there to save lives. One such innovation is the automated external defibrillator, or AED. Every so often we see another story in the news about a young athlete who collapsed and died during […]

Small business

Post-Calamity Entrepreneurship

It is hard to rise up from the ruins of what was once your home and your livelihood. People from the Philippines have the momentary spotlight in that regard, as they struggle to build their lives up from square one. Nature was particularly cruel to this island nation; after the […]


Ebike-Smart Enough for The Pope

In July 2013, Smart bike manufacturers Daimler donated the current Pope with an Ebike. Whether this generosity will prompt sightings of the Pope on two wheels around the streets of Rome has yet to be seen but it makes a change from the ‘Popemobile' of latter years. Fashion In the […]


The History of Hair Transplants

Have you ever wondered how we evolved from powdered white wigs of our ancestors down to the hair follicle transplant surgery available today? The answer is not that our ancestors had less hair than we do (they didn't) or that it has become less fashionable to want to cure balding, […]