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pCloud Review – Cloud Storage Redefined

Cloud Storage is all the rage now. Cloud storage solutions are not only used as backup options but also to make sure that the files are available to access wherever you go. Even though cloud storage is considered safer than other traditional storage media, it is also plagued by a […]


Understanding And Managing Cloud Resources

According to the popular interpretation of Moore’s law, technology can double on itself about every two years. While a popular myth, there’s no denying that new tech is not going to wait around for you to catch on before it transitions into something different. By the time you really understand […]


Choosing a SSD

Remember when Bill Gates said that 640k “ought to be enough for everybody?” He denies making this famous statement at a computer trade show in 1981, but it seems to have stuck, even though it was probably out of date within five years, let alone 36. You probably wouldn’t be […]