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Data: Travelling the World with You

You probably don't even think of the technology and science that goes on behind the scenes when you send your fried an email. You probably don't even think much more of it when you are messaging back and forth with a friend who lives an ocean away. However, the fact […]

Debt and credit

Bankruptcy 911: Steps to Take

Not only does filing for bankruptcy often carry with it a certain social stigma, but it is a painfully drawn out process as well. Whether an individual or family is looking to liquidate all assets through a Chapter 7 filing, or adjust their debts with a repayment plan via Chapter […]


Is it Illegal to Scrape RSS Feeds?

Using RSS feeds is a great way for people to promote their blogs and websites. However, some people are taking advantage of these feeds and using them to fill their own websites with content. Bloggers and website owners want people to visit their websites, and they will use a number […]