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The Future of Banking: Unleashing the Power of Mobile Banking Software

Key Takeaways: Mobile banking has evolved significantly, fueled by technological advancements and smartphone adoption. Advancements in technology have enhanced mobile banking through features like biometric authentication and AI-powered chatbots. Mobile banking offers convenience, enhanced security, and seamless integration with other financial apps. The future of mobile banking will involve innovative […]

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5 Banking Services Every Startup Needs

If we listed all the success stories of this generation’s entrepreneurs, we’d notice how society has welcomed an up-and-coming global force: that of the startup. Startups can be loosely defined as fledgling new businesses out to solve novel problems, engage new business solutions, and tap into yet untapped sectors of […]


The Role Of Internet Banking In Society

Are you worried about standing in a queue for a long time for doing your financial transactions? Don’t panic. Here’s where internet banking comes in. Internet banking is considered to be an important sector in finance industry. It provides a platform for the society, as they can check their account […]


5 Myths About FinTech Banking

The ecosystem of the financial industry is changing tremendously. Fintech startups have earned a great success in the financial words and nowadays the words digitization, the blockchain, platform, transformation, augmented, cryptocurrency, biometrics, omnichannel and disruption don’t sound surprisingly as they might have sounded years ago. Many large startups made a […]

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Freemium open banking data platform: what is it?

Freemium open banking data platform is a self-service data connectivity platform launched by Nordigen, a Latvian fintech, that integrates a freemium model. This freemium pricing model allows Nordigen to offer free open banking connectivity coupled with premium data analytics and insights services. Let us dig in to find more about […]

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Things to Consider for Safe Internet Banking

As expertise progresses, ways of banking have also superior along with it, increasingly. And now each and all banks provide an Internet banking service to its clients. Since the beginning of Internet banking services, anybody with a bank account in some bank can access his account online via his bank’s website. In fact, […]


Banking Is Easier than Ever

With the Internet and mobile connectivity, people are staying in touch with each other and their favorite shops, news sources, sporting events and much more. Banking is just another necessary activity that has been made much easier through mobile and online services. You can learn more about it and simplify […]