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A Practical Approach to Cut Printing Costs

It is not uncommon for companies to underestimate or fail to make an accounting of their printing expenses. If your company is one of these, you should know that a company’s expenses for document generation and copying can go as high as 3% of its annual revenues. This is quite […]


How to Approach Your Research Paper Introduction

Being the determining factor of the entire research paper, MBA students must strive to make a positive first impression by crafting a perfect introduction. While getting introduced to someone new we tend to worry a lot. We strive hard to create a great first impression. Similarly while writing a research paper […]


The Visible Approach to Marketing Products for Women

The two main methods for reaching consumers of either gender we call the “visible” and “transparent” approaches to marketing—plus a third or “hybrid” approach that combines the two. Each of these options can be highly effective in reaching women in particular. The success of one approach or another depends on […]