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Which Business Are Categorized as MSME in India?

MSME is known as micro, small and medium enterprises. It is a vital part of India’s legacy economic model. Do you know about 8 percent of India’s gross domestic production (GDP) and about 45 percent of the manufacturing production and 4 percent of exports is contributed by MSME? Besides, MSME enterprises […]


The A to Z’s of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing remains one of the most effective marketing techniques to find new customers, investors, and to drum up new business. Here is a useful guide to getting you started on your direct mail campaign. Consistency Real estate investor direct mail campaigns must be consistent. You need to put […]


Marriage and Love

To satisfy another person, you must first learn what you want in a spouse or partner. You have to be sincere with yourself concerning your own preferences and needs. Will the other person be able to satisfy those needs and wants? Try to see yourself impartially and be certain you wish to have somebody else in your life. Spend […]