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The People who Love to Surf!

Do you know who Kelly Slater or Bethany Hamilton or Andy Irons are? Why they live for? What they do? One thing that is common in all of these three people is Surfing. You must be wondering why I am writing this article, it's just because of my keen interest […]


Ebike-Smart Enough for The Pope

In July 2013, Smart bike manufacturers Daimler donated the current Pope with an Ebike. Whether this generosity will prompt sightings of the Pope on two wheels around the streets of Rome has yet to be seen but it makes a change from the ‘Popemobile' of latter years. Fashion In the […]


The Best Five Cars of Recent Years

A lot of people regard Top Gear as the authority on all things automobile related. They have the wit, the character, and the facts. They produce their programme with a signature style that has now led to its BBC show becoming the most watched TV programme on the planet. Its […]


Ford: History Of The Mustang

The American muscle car has a cult following, but few cars are as popular or iconic as the Ford Mustang. In 1964, the General Manager, Lee Iacocca, envisioned a small, sleek sports car to out-do the competition; he did one better. In 1964, Ford created an entirely new breed of […]


Keeping A Workforce Engaged And Motivated

It's true that money can be quite a compelling motivator for people, but research has shown that when it comes to job satisfaction, money is only part of the story. In the wake of the financially devastating economic downturn which caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, you might […]


The Continuous Growth of the Global Skincare Industry

The global skin care industry encompasses the manufacturing and the selling of products such as moisturizers, anti-aging products, solutions for acne and equipment-based services such as microderm abrasion and LED therapy just to name a few. Even during times of reduced spending, the skin care industry still thrives. The global […]