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Must Have Gadgets of 2016

Every day, our world becomes more futuristic and exciting. In 2016 alone, several intriguing gadgets will go on sale to the general public, putting exciting technology right at your fingertips. From wearing a smart ring to gaming like you’re actually in the game itself, this year you’ll be taking advantage of […]


AllMyTube Video Downloader Review

It is really discomforting watching videos on slow internet connection. Often, you wait for videos to get load. But, the technical advancements in software technology have made watching online videos really easy. WonderShare has brought an all new video downloader for downloading online videos at fast speed in less time. […]

Data security

Top 5 Internet Threats and How to Deal with Them

The Internet certainly fabulously evolved over the last couple decades, becoming intertwined with various spheres of life and making it convenient as never before. Data storage, family and business communication, telecommuting, shopping online, ordering things to be done in governmental agencies - the list goes on and on. But where […]


3D Display: an Overview

When 3D television stepped in the technology foray, it invoked hope. But soon after, it proved a failure and failed to take the industry with a storm. In fact, as early as 2013, reports were coming from different corners, and they were all echoing the same thing; 3D TV doesn't […]


How Technology Has Changed the Way People Learn

The days of a blackboard and chalk are gone for most young students. Different types of technologies are changing the way children and younger members of society are taught and how they obtain new information and knowledge. It has never been easier to access this information and knowledge. The latest […]

Mobile devices

Reasons to Switch to an iPhone 5

The mobile industry is booming and since the customers nowadays treat mobile not just as a mere necessity but a companion of their daily lives, the demand for better efficient mobile phones is on the rise. There are a wide range of mobile phones to choose from but despite the […]