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Advantages of Ultra HD Technology and 4K Content

It seems almost hard to recall now, but the low definition televisions of yesterday were huge and heavy devices not known for pristine picture quality. High definition technology came along and revolutionized not only the broadcast and television industries, but the very way people consume media. But we tend to […]


DNA Structure and Purpose in the Human Body

The genetic concept of DNA was considered as ground-breaking when it was first uncovered, and it has continued to evolve throughout the generations. While initially viewed with scepticism by both scientists and law enforcement agencies, the science behind DNA has been researched and developed to the point where it can […]


Essential Wakeboarding Tips for Beginners

Wakeboarding is an all-American pastime and a favorite sport of water lovers across the nation. If you are new to the sport, it is important to educate yourself on the basics of wakeboarding before heading out on the water. Having the right skills and essential wakeboarding gear is necessary to have a […]


The Biggest Manufacturing Facilities in the World

There are thousands of manufacturing facilities located throughout the world. Those facilities are listed on the Fortune Global 500 according to the revenue that are produced by those facilities, along with all of the top, global organizations (Source: Some of those organizations are outside of the manufacturing sector. In […]


The Psychology of Bad Driving

We see examples of bad driving on our roads all the time—tailgating, speeding, cutting other vehicles off. When somebody does something stupid that endangers us, we understandably get upset. We're just trying to get where we're going, and some careless driver is unnecessarily placing us in a risky situation and […]

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Do Celebrities and Art Really Mix?

Art in the Western world has had a long tradition of creating portraits or sculptures of famous people. Even before the Renaissance created an explosion of art that has continued undiminished, wealthy nobles, kings, queens and even religious figures such as powerful cardinals had their portraits painted by famous artists. […]