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Going Down Memory Lane with Creeper Shoes

Perhaps the greatest agony fashion lovers have is finding out what is in vogue and what is not. As you might already know, what is in today might make you the laughing stock tomorrow. Yet this is not the case with the ever-fashionable creeper shoes. With a history going back […]


SMIR.CH Launched by Gnosis Media Group

The Google SMS search service was a great way to search for information using any mobile phone. All you needed to do was type a few text based commands followed by a query word and Google would return back a text providing the information you were looking for. This service […]


Creeper Shoes: Tested and Trusted

Any product that retains its popularity through generations must have something special to it and that special thing is to be found in creeper shoes. As popular today as they were in the middle of the past century, creepers have truly been tested and trusted. The original wearers of this […]


Industries that Use Conductive Polymers

Conductive polymers (or conductive plastics) have led to major advances in technology because they do not conduct electricity and act as an insulator. Many industries have adopted this into their products, most of which we use today. Plastics have many advantages to them: they are durable, weather resistant, and they last a […]


Top Challenges of Successful Enterprises

The evidence is clear that to survive and succeed, enterprises must change their approaches to conduct successful business in the globalized economy. Whereas gradual change has always been required to adapt to new conditions, the pace is now accelerating and incremental change is no longer sufficient. There are many reasons […]

Mobile devices

Google Carrier: Is Google Going to be the Next AT&T?

Will Google Android phones soon be using Google Carrier? Google’s long-term plan may go beyond Google Fiber and result in a fully-fledged Google telephone network. This could have widespread ramifications for Android users and even the global telecommunications market. Even more intriguing, it may actually be inevitable. Google Phones Without […]

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A Brief History of Casio

For those of a certain age the Casio brand is synonymous with calculators. Back in my school days the only piece of technical wizardry available was indeed a calculator and it was a must have feature of all school bags. The calculators were invariably Casio and at the time they […]


Brief History of Archery

Archery, one of the ancient sports of the world, has an ennobling history behind it. Historians talked about arrowheads dated as far as over 25,000 years ago. They also mentioned about shafts of bows as well as arrows, arrows with feathers and other relevant things associated with archery that dated […]


Top Craziest Construction Accidents in History

OSHA has encountered some significant worker safety violations over the lifetime of their organization. Many of these violations were preventive and actually saved workers from serious injury or death. All of OSHA mandated safety procedures are important to the longevity and prosperity of hard-working manufacturing, construction, and test research workers […]