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Guide on Buying Opal Jewellery

Opals stand out for featuring a magnificent array of shiny hues, complete with iridescent flashes that capture the eye when they are seen from different angles. The beauty of these superb gems is that each stone is unique. If you're looking to buy opal jewellery, the following guide will give […]

Ancient Tools

Fascinating Tools Of Antiquity

One of the primary ways that people differ from the rest of the animal kingdom is through their sophisticated and extensive use of tools. This is something that has characterised even the earliest of human civilization. Looking at antique tools produced by toolmakers from different places, cultures and times provides […]


A Brief History of Gambling

There is just something so enticing about the chances of getting something for nothing. I’m not necessarily saying that gambling involves getting something for nothing; of course, it involves a risk, it always does, but isn’t the fact that you may gain so much for doing so little the drive […]

Society & Culture

The History of Wooden Model Ship Building

Model shipbuilding has a long and varied history that spans from antiquity to the present time. People built models for different purposes at various times and places in history. Today, the intricate craft of building model ships is enjoyed by collectors and museums dedicated to the craft of model ship […]


The Advent of Hypnotherapy

As hard as this may be for you to believe, the actual history of hypnotherapy dates as far back as recorded history. Perhaps not as well-documented or recorded as other historical facts out there but nonetheless, shamen, witchdoctors, Hindu fakirs, tribal doctors and Indian yogis across centuries and millennia have […]

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Motor Boats-A Short History

Humans have been using boats - or makeshift boats, at least — ever since they learned that water travel would up their chances of survival. For communities that lived near bodies of water, boats allowed them to move from one piece of land to the next, while gathering fish. Those […]