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Assessing Risk in the Financial Sector

Part of the fallout from the world-wide economic crisis of 2008 has been a comprehensive reassessment and overhaul of risk management protocols and emergency preparedness by professionals at all of levels of government and financial sectors across the globe. Unlike in previous eras, world markets today are interlinked in such […]

Data security

Ethical Hackers: Roles and Skills

Ethical hacking or the less frilly penetration testing entails testing the security levels of an organization's network to see if there are loopholes using which a malicious program can hack into the network. Ethical hackers run tests and simulation attacks to check if their client's network is secure enough or […]


Useful Tips to Prevent Lips Discoloration

It is a universal desire for all females to have those perfectly colored, luscious and voluptuous lips. Why wouldn’t one want to have that natural pink tinge that makes your lips look all the more attractive. But the main problem that arises is lips’ tendency to get damaged quite often. […]