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Clever Strategies to Recruit Great Employees

Your company's success is closely linked to the quality of the people you hire. Social media allows businesses to easily find job candidates. However, those same social networking tools have increased competition for great employees. Use these strategies to find qualified job candidates. How candidates look for jobs Job candidates […]


Young, Educated and Jobless

The unemployment rates reported released recently indicate a bleak outlook for those hopeful of an economic upward surge for the second portion of 2014. Technically speaking, the unemployment rates are actually lower than they have been in twenty years, however, what is disheartening about the unemployment statistics is the massive […]

SEO Web design

A Guide to Website Design from a SEO Perspective

To be a master of the SERPs, you’re, obviously, likely to require more than a website that’s merely search-optimized or well-designed. You may need a lot of social recognition, superior hyperlinks, co-citations, etc. for that. The trouble with these rating aspects is that they’re hard to achieve quantity-wise and usually […]

Small business

How to Nurture a Small Business to Maturity

Leaving a well paying job to start one’s own enterprise requires a lot of determination and zeal. Although starting a business to many seems like the best alternative to employment, it is actually the hardest. Recent surveys have shown that most small businesses never live to celebrate their fifth birthdays. […]

Real estate

Hiring The Right Contractor for Your Project

Whether you are remodeling your business or building a whole new office or store front, you’ll need a good contractor to oversee the project and deliver the results you need. Hiring the right contractor can mean the difference between getting quality results or winding up with a shoddy structure, between […]