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A Teen Mom's Relationship with Her Unborn Child

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is usually a time for celebration and planning for the new addition to the family. Many women have been through pregnancy and childbirth before, but what about the teenage girl, who suddenly finds herself pregnant? This can turn a joyful time into an uncertain, […]


Deadly Diseases Rats Can Transmit to Humans

Fall means invasive rodents like rats and mice will be looking for a warm place to nest. Your pantry, attic, and walls are all inviting homes to these pests, and once they enter your home, they will quickly create an infestation. Keeping these rodents out of your home should be […]

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Famous Diabetics

It is a common misconception that an illness like diabetes can stop you from achieving your goals and ambitions. Yet as the achievements of the celebrities in our list below prove, a change in lifestyle does not mean relinquishing your dreams. By taking prescribed medication, finding time for exercise and […]