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Workout Routines for Track and Field

Taking part in track and field requires speed, balance and agility more than power and strength. The larger your muscles are the more power and speed you will be able to get from them, however simply building and increasing your muscle size without actually training them to deal with the […]


Care Tips for your Feet

We suppose you never thought about your feet as an admirable things. But if you stop for a moment and do your math, you'll realize that one quarter of your body's bones is located in those two small things. Not only that, they are responsible for taking you from point […]


3 Ways to Change Your Look with Fashion

Do you want to reinvent yourself? Is it time for a new look because you have been showing off the same style for far too many years? Then rest assured you do not have to go through any drastic measures to achieve your goal. Instead, you can use your fashion […]

Businessman With Business Plan Concept

Easy Tips for Marketing to Baby Boomers and Seniors

When it comes to advertising, seniors are fairly and accurately represented. From commercials for arthritis medication to… commercials for retirement financial services… Well, maybe they're not so much accurately represented as represented. Sort of. The reality is that Baby Boomers and older generations are often omitted from marketing unless a […]


Reasons to Wear Compression Garments

Most people think of compression garments as something you wear to treat a medical condition like venous insufficiency or varicose veins. Or, they are something that overweight people, or pregnant women, wear to prevent the excess weight from damaging their veins. In short, they believe that the only people who […]