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History of Film and Cinema: A Brief Overview

Over the past few decades, we have seen cinema grow from a novelty to the most popular medium of art and entertainment in the world. Movies have become the new medium of storytelling, giving viewers the opportunity to experience interesting, hilarious, bizarre and even impossible things from a third person […]

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Tips for Succeeding in Archaeology

Archaeology is an exciting job filled with culture, discovery and intrigue. But what if you aren’t sure how to get started in your archaeology career? What if you’ve only seen Indiana Jones movies without knowing how to actually train yourself in the field? If you’re ready to explore your own […]

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Change Lives As A Volunteer

While the extent of most non-African citizen’s understanding of this grand continent is limited to The Discovery Channel or National Geographic, there are better opportunities to immerse yourself in Africa’s rich culture at the click of the mouse. This opportunity is one of purpose, transcending the role of a mere […]

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Anti-aging Treatments: the Latest Development

We all know about Botox. What about other procedures? Is there any other way of turning back the clock? Science and technology have been in service of beauty for centuries offering procedures for fighting wrinkles. The latest developments include new wrinkle fillers, fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing, rhinoplasty as an […]


Comindware Tracker Review

Comindware Tracker is basically adaptive workflow management software that makes it easier for you to run your businesses well. It is a key to manage all your streamlined business processes, work flow coordination and automation. This software is known for meeting even the highest demands that operating a business may […]

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Strategy Innovation vs. Strategic Planning

If you are intrigued by the potential of strategy innovation for your company, be aware that you will not get it from your current strategic planning process. You will have to create a separate process for strategy innovation, one that is: 1. Creative 2. Market-centric 3. Heuristic (discovery-driven) Creative Strategy […]