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What the West Can Learn from Japanese Business Culture

In our global business economy, cultural differences often become blurred as we rush toward corporate homogenization at alarming speed. However, carefully studying those differences that set us apart can not only help us understand each other better, but also to learn from those practices which drive business success around the […]


Tips That Help You Become A Better Attorney

An attorney always needs to improve, learn and become a lot better as time passes. He needs to increase the retention of clients, improve during negotiations and become a better advocate. Reputation is so easy to lose and so hard to gain for an attorney. Because of this, let’s take […]


Top Ten Qualities of Civil Litigation Solicitors

In every part of law, lawyers who would like to be winning must have skills that will differentiate themselves from all lawyers. Civil litigation solicitors should also have particular skills by which they can attract and retain clients and successful cases. There are 10 most key skills that a civil […]


Top Tips to Become a Successful Negotiator

It's likely that during your life you will have to demonstrate negotiation skills at some point, for example buying or selling a house or car or landing deals in your job. Negotiating is a way of coming to an acceptable compromise between two parties, and can be an intimidating task […]