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Who is Mr. Clean-The Story Unfold

Do you know a person, who doesn’t know about Mr. Clean? Probably not. Who won’t remember the bald guy with the white shirt and earring? Since 1958 (the first TV appearance of Mr. Clean) this character became very popular and the most selling cleaning product on the market. It’s not […]

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The ABC for a Hurricane

Being prepared is the ultimate weapon against most type of natural calamities. Preparedness for the risk and taking action on those preparations can limit the potential damage and casualties caused by the calamity. Hurricane is considered as one of the most threatening natural disasters which caused much damage in different […]


Meeting the Ever-increasing Cost of a Funeral

Whenever the subject of the economy is mentioned, it's difficult not to think about the way the recent recession has changed the way many of us interact with money. For the vast majority of men and women in a number of countries, spending any amount of our weekly budgets, even […]