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AOMEI Backupper Standard 3.0 Review

In the modern era of technology, new innovations are making way to the market surprising the buyers around the world. Software products are emerging everyday to help the gadget freaks in some or the other way. One such product is AOMEI Backupper Standard 3.0, which is free backup software that […]


5 Necessary Features of a Disaster Recovery Plan

From natural disasters to viruses, the digital age has a plethora of things that can bring your business to its knees digitally. When the worst happens to your business, having a disaster recovery plan in place can be all the difference between a small bump in the road or a […]


EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server

Backup of data is imperative and when it comes to the backup of the server of your business, then things become even more crucial. It is more so because in case your server starts acting weird, then you will not only lose out on important documents and information, but will […]


How to Make Your Own Bathroom Curtain Rod?

Shower curtains in your bathroom make a huge statement. However, a curtain rod is also very important when it comes to hanging your shower curtains. While fixing a shower curtain rod, you have to consider factors like how it will complement the décor in your bathroom. The pattern and style […]


Benefits of SSD Virtual Private Servers

SSD Virtual Private Servers are cloud-based dedicated servers which enables users to store as much content as desired, according to the selected plan. They come with improved performance in comparison to normal servers, promoting high performance, energy efficiency and better traffic handling. They have an almost 100% uptime and can […]


How to Restore a System Image in Windows 8

In case of a fully damaged Windows installation, you need to restore it from a backup image. In a previous article I covered how to make a backup image. To restore a system image in Windows 8, the first thing is to start the computer in System Recovery Console mode. […]


How to Install Windows 8 to a VHD

To install Windows 8 to a VHD is very simple. Start a clean install process for Windows 8 but stop when you are asked "Where do you want to install Windows?". See the image below: Now you have to attach a VHD file to the installer. Windows 8 will recognize […]


Advantages of Virtual File Storage

Modern businesses need to integrate the latest forms of digital storage technology into an office network. Storing files onto an onsite hard drive or server is an outdated practice in the contemporary business world. Cloud technology has revolutionized the way enterprises store, share, manage and review data. Secure cloud servers […]