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14 Essential Entrepreneur Resources

Well, plenty of resources are there online. In fact, there are so many that you might find it difficult in sorting them out and choosing which is the best one for you. That is where we cut through the clutter and help you out with the 14 most essential resources […]


Considerations for Making a Greener Fleet

There’s a huge number of commercial vehicles operated by public and private sector organisations across the UK. However, have you considered just how much your fleet could be costing your business if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to introduce green vehicles into your organisation? To help better understand the […]

Web reviews – Service Review

Email validation is a vital process for enterprises that intend to thrive online. Just as it is impossible for human beings to exist without an efficient and effective means of communication, businesses cannot survive online without a functional and productive email validation framework. ZeroBounce is a powerful email validation system […]

Business planning

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Business

Every business, no matter if new or well established, must take measures to protect itself. This includes protecting your staff, your bricks and mortar building, and any online data or confidential information. Below we share the top 5 ways you can protect your business. 1. The importance of insurance If […]


8 Steps to Your Dream Engagement Party

You are finally engaged, and your friends, family members and workmates want to congratulate you. What other better way than throwing an engagement party? A party is the best way that you can get all of your loved ones together to congratulate you and your future spouse. On top of […]

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Finding the Moral Courage to Fight Evil

Evil is fascinating, and it fascinates me how my perception of Evil has changed over the years. A word like “Evil” has connotations to it and brings up imagery from what we culturally consider to be wrong. The media we consume is rife with “Evil”, larger than life villains, being […]