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The Value of Online Construction Calculators

A calculator may seem like a simple gadget, but who really wants to sit down with a pen and paper and do complex calculations for hours, and then apply the somewhat correct results to a project that’s, again, going to take hours? Calculators remove the boring and time-consuming part of […]


NuTonomy Just Beat Uber

These days, everybody from monolithic companies to the latest garage-based start-up seems to be running the rat race. Most people have at least heard the name Steve Jobs, and Tesla will be familiar to anybody into the latest car trends. These are big fish, of course, and so it always […]


Comparing Batch Processing and Stream Processing

Having a lot of choices can certainly feel overwhelming in some circumstances. For instance, many IT decision makers have a hard time choosing between batch processing and stream processing. The one thing today’s enterprises don’t have a choice about is taking cyber security seriously. The rise in security breaches in […]

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Psychologists – Experts in Human Behavior

The human mind is highly complex and puzzling. People wonder how psychologists can analyze such an intricate, seemingly abstractionist and extremely polished thing. Even if scientists study on inside of the brain, as in an autopsy or while a surgical treatment, all they see is gray matter i.e the brain. […]


Is It a Good Idea to Outsource Cleaning Services?

No one wants to clean their office. This is especially true if you work in a huge high-rise office building or a tall government building. Some bosses require their employees to clean their offices and the hallway outside of it, other bosses outsource cleaning service and bring in trained professionals […]


Four Non-Physical Benefits of Yoga

Working out is all about getting in shape. With most exercises, it’s about getting in physical shape. But that’s not the case with Yoga. Although every workout routine has this or that additional benefit that’s non-physical, Yoga is exclusively more tilted towards non-physical benefits as compared to any other form […]