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How to Protect Your Business from Identity Theft

Data theft has become a business in itself. Recently, cyber criminals have been selling stolen user data for large amounts of money. Granted, the prices of personal identifiable information (PII) including user names, addresses, and social media security numbers has reduced to just $1 per item, down from $4 per […]


Create Connectivity with the Healthvault Users

The healthvault can provide a huge number of connecting options for the integration purposes. The integration approaches and their key characteristics can be described in the following ways: Authorization Based Record: This kind of record may allow both the writing and reading records of the users. In case the user […]


Medical Research Involving Children

Scientific research has resulted in notable advances in cancer treatment for children. Conducting research, involving children, requires adhering to numerous ethical challenges whether it involves human subjects or human tissues from biobanks. One major ethical issue is obtaining informed consent. Parents of critically ill children are under tremendous stress, compromising their ability to […]