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Marketing SEO

The Best Link Building Strategies for 2014

Over the last years, SEO has turned to a never-ending headache for internet marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to promote their websites online. Adopting a solid and white hat SEO strategy can minimize their efforts to keep up with the regular algorithmic changes made by search engines like Google, […]


Best SEO Practices to Focus On in 2014

2013 has been a year of transformation for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Industry. The way digital marketing agencies approach SEO was altered forever in 2013. Google brought out many changes in its strategies, which left SEO consultants and companies alarming. Some of the major changes include further releases of Penguin […]


Comindware Tracker Review

Comindware tracker is a new-generation software developed by Comindware, for workflow automation and business process management. This program brings a new approach to business management processes by enhancing easy and flexible implementation of various business tasks at minimal costs. It cuts across all phases of modern corporate businesses including IT […]


The Advantages of Muay Thai for Women

If you ladies are looking for a good regimen to base your workout on, why not try doing Muay Thai? This martial art that originated from Thailand will surely get your whole body burning and get you fit and alert in your day-to-day activities. Don't be intimidated by its intense […]


The Computer Age in Business

You cannot say that you don't need technology to run your business. This is an unacceptable answer these days, regardless of the niche you operate in. It is a solid fact that, whatever you are doing, technology can make it faster and easier. On top of that, it is advancing […]

Social media

Which Social Media Platform?

The impact of social media upon the world around us is undeniable. Although it can be argued that these platforms were originally designed as casual meeting places, they have quickly evolved into an effective means by which information can be disseminated at record speeds. This can be evidenced by such […]


Pipeline Management for the Mortgage Industry

If there is one industry that has changed in recent years, it is the lending industry. This is particularly true considering mortgages, as sweeping changes took place after the credit crisis in 2008. Now, more than ever, it is important for those in the mortgage industry to pay attention to […]


Hot HR Issues in 2013

Discover a few of the areas HR professionals have been getting into this year, and learn how HR software has helped them. It's been a hot year for HR, so to wind things down, we're going to take a look at some of the three hottest topics in employment and […]