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Controlling Your Nicotine Intake by Vaping

Smoking can be a difficult habit to break. Some smokers may be at the point where they smoke more than one pack of cigarettes each day to satisfy their craving for nicotine. E-cigarettes, however, are changing the delivery method of nicotine, and vaping can help smokers control the amount of nicotine […]

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The Financial Benefits of Quitting Smoking Now

You’re probably already aware of how bad smoking is for your health. If that hasn’t convinced you to quit already (it should have) maybe some financial considerations might help. The reality is, smoking regularly makes a huge dent in your budget-it could actually be crippling you financially. Most people should […]

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Where to start with Vaping

You might have heard about it as an easy way to quit smoking. You might have seen people on the street with an interesting looking device. You might have heard about it from a friend. No matter where you heard it, vaping is the new big thing. As people learn […]