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4 Tips For Better Relationships

Relationships with those dear to us add meaning and value to our lives, so it's important to support and grow those relationships with our friends, partners and families. Over the years, the initial connection and relationship we may have had with those dear to us can fall apart a bit […]

Business Relationships

5 Tips to Maintain a Business Relationship

If you want to run a business that is efficient and constantly improving then it is imperative that you maintain your business relationships. This is important on all levels from customers, to staff, all the way to other businesses and it really isn’t that hard to achieve so you shouldn’t […]


Sony Leaks Reveal Israel’s Relationship with American Media

[youtube] Wikileaks have published a cache of Sony's internal emails which demonstrate the close relationship between Hollywood executives and the Israeli government and pro-Israeli lobbying groups in the USA. The emails reveal how Sony bosses had dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and how other entertainment execs met […]


The Importance of Customer Relationship Management in Online Markets

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) represents a comprehensive and extensive business marketing strategy integrating processes, technology and all activities related to customers. As a solid platform, pursuing permanent development and improvement, the Internet provides a solid base to deliver CRM services-the eCRM. In most cases, eCRM is a one-to-one experience, involving […]


A Teen Mom's Relationship with Her Unborn Child

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is usually a time for celebration and planning for the new addition to the family. Many women have been through pregnancy and childbirth before, but what about the teenage girl, who suddenly finds herself pregnant? This can turn a joyful time into an uncertain, […]


The Relationship between Your Diet and Your Career

The modern world is filled with highly qualified and competitive professionals ready to snatch your lucrative position at any moment. Excellent scholastic background and relevant training are not enough to guarantee career security. You need motivation, career goal and, most importantly, optimum health to do your job with accuracy and […]