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What Kids Party Themes are Trending?

As Kids Party Planners, PartyTots aims to stay afloat the trends in the kids party space. In planning Themed Parties for kids, it is crucial that we understand what is ‘in’ the now! What we do at PartyTots is study the local youth culture through events, kids television, kids education, […]


The Basics of Looking like a Boho Goddess

According to most fashion experts, one of the most feminine and spectacular styles that’s back in the forefront today is the boho or the bohemian style. Originally, the word came straight from the land of Bohemia which was located in the territory of Czech Republic. The carriers of this ideology […]


Buying Guide for Skirts for Ladies over 40

When you are in your 40s, you start getting advices over style that you should dress according to your age. Apparently, those are useful advices, as you need to consider your age before choosing an outfit for yourself. It doesn't mean that you won't look good in a casual outfit, […]