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The Velvet Renaissance in Interior Design in 2014

Velvet… Any associations? Personally, I always think about Italian Baroque, about the excessive luxury of the Louvre, about damsels in distress and noble knights (or more likely about their castles and gowns). For centuries, this magnificent fabric has been a symbol of affluence, a trademark of the rich and the […]


Fortifying Your House From The Inside Out

Having your home broken into can be an incredibly terrifying experience, and it happens a lot more than people often think. In the United States, there are 2,188,005 burglaries every year, according to the FBI. This comes out to about 6,000 burglaries a day. While this is sobering, the good news is […]


How to Plan Your Outdoor Lighting

Your garden, terrace and balcony are ideal playgrounds for your creativity when it comes to lighting. Decorative illumination of your garden should be one aspect of your outdoor lighting plan but another important lighting consider is safety. Be sure to light your footpaths to prevent accidents and your entries to […]


Hen Party Dares

A successful hen night requires, aside from a bride, guest and quite often alcohol, accessories such as veils, tiaras and other assorted hen night paraphernalia. It is important not to forget the second guest of honour, the obligatory blow up man and a collection of extremely amusing hen night dares! […]