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Benefits and Side Effects of Fish Oil

There is a lot of buzz in the health sector and social media regarding the benefits of the fish oil. It has been well documented by researchers that fish oil has good effects not only on the health but also on the appearance of the humans. However even before we […]

Web reviews

Kidgy App Review

Kids rather play on the smartphones and on the Internet than go outside these days. Besides being a powerful tool for searching any kind of information in general, the Internet brings negative outcomes, especially when it comes down to kids. Of course, the Internet has its pitfalls which every parent […]


Why should students have to do homework?

There is always some of the other ruckus when it comes to students being forced to their schoolwork. While many people look at this differently, fact remains that students do not always find it very easy to get through schoolwork. I had personally faced many similar experiences when I would […]


What to Do When Your Child Gets Injured

For many parents, it can be difficult to know what to do when a child becomes injured and is suffering from pain. From sprains to falls, there are a number of injuries that are prone to take place when kids play outside or are participating in sports. To provide the […]