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Questions to Ask a Potential Home Health Care Company

There can be many, many health issues that cause difficulties and challenges for individuals to be at home without support and assistance. These can include recovery after a surgical procedure, caring for a newborn and mother if there were any complications, diseases, accidents and injuries, or long term care needs […]


Risk Management Planning for Your Fleet

Planning for the worst can be hard on your enthusiasm for your business, but when you think about it, risk management is all about achieving peace of mind. Often, new business owners and recently promoted managers view this process as one of simply selecting the insurance products that suit their […]


Pros and Cons of Cloud Deployment vs. On-premise Deployment

In today's business environment, organizations of all shapes and sizes are working to optimize the use of their resources, minimize costs, and boost revenues. Where technology is concerned, this means looking for alternatives to traditional IT solutions. One such alternative is cloud computing. Cloud-based solutions are a cost effective alternative to […]


Teak Patio Bench Maintenance Tips

The outdoor environment is one that is enjoyed by many property owners. When the weather turns nice, many of us tend to gravitate outdoors to enjoy time with family and friends. That is why there are a variety of features that are available for use outdoors, including the simple addition […]

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Oklahoma City Braces for Next Building Flood

Eventually, pipes break, and it can happen for a number of reasons. Shifting ground due to earthquakes can play havoc with in-ground pipes, and flooding can overwhelm many types of pipes besides sewers pipes. If that isn’t enough to worry about, fire-safety sprinkler systems occasionally malfunction, sending showers of water […]

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Changing Holiday Trends in 2014

British attitudes to the annual summer holiday have been put under the microscope thanks to the results of a new survey into the holiday habits of people across Britain. The study, which surveyed the holiday habits of 61,000 people across the country, found some starting results in terms of destination, […]


Emerging Trends for BYOD in 2014

Throughout 2013, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies gained a certain amount of prominence. This was either because companies saw the opportunity to increase cost-saving measures or because employees were finding a way to use consumer technology whether the company allowed it or not. In fact, some estimates say that […]