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Roulette Casino Facts

Many myths revolve around gambling, especially in roulette casinos. The truth is that: adding the existing numbers on the roulette cylinder 1 + 2 + 3 +… 36 results the number 666. Despite this myth or truth, more and more people are attached to this generator of illusions in the […]


CS:GO vs Valorant

The internet will never be satisfied unless they’re comparing things. From comparing games to comparing consoles, it’s almost become a pastime at this point. In this case, we’re looking at two different first-person shooters: CS:GO and Valorant. CS:GO is the older of the two titles releasing in 2012 while Valorant […]


Top 3 CS:GO Cases To Open in 2020

Opening CS:GO cases has always been fun. A lot of players prefer opening cases more than playing a game. However, not all cases are actually worth it. Some cases contain better skins and it is just better to open them. But what is the csgo best case to open in […]