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Enchanting India in Winters

India, the land of Gods is an absolutely mesmerizing place to visit. With an ample respite from heat, India offers beautiful and enchanting locations for vacations this winters. To have your memorable travel experience consider these places to visit. Here are some places, absolutely breath-taking places you should visit the […]


Unusual Places on Earth Having Wi-Fi

We live in a world where wireless connectivity seems to be everywhere- in the cafes, schools, parks, airports, and libraries. The strange fact is that most of these places offer free Wi-Fi. It has become such an accepted service that we hardly get amazed when we find completely free Wi-Fi […]

Travel and living

Most Popular Caribbean Travel Destinations

Any mention of the Caribbean instantly paints pictures of fun, sun, and sand - and rightly so! With the many islands that comprise the Caribbean region, your chances of finding that tropical paradise that you’ve envisioned in your mind are fairly high. Whether your idea of a perfect vacation involves days just […]

Travel and living

Traveling to Goa, India

For some Goa means fun, while for others it means tranquility. The saga of defining Goa in different terms doesn't end here, as for another set of people it means natural beauty. Different people have different definition for the place; however, the reality is that Goa is among those unique […]


Wonderful Ways to Spend Your Retirement

Retirement leaves an individual with a lot of free time and it is possible that one could be left feeling lost without the focus of work or confused by the best ways to spend their pension money. Nowadays, retirement is no longer a time for rest; people are living longer […]