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How to Maintain an Endoscope

Endoscopic procedures are very common. They are popular, because they are minimally invasive, leaving patients with almost no recovery time and no scarring. But what is an endoscope and how does it work? Endoscopic Equipment Essentially, an endoscope is a lengthy tube that doctors use to look at the inside […]


How to Choose a Dentist within Your Plan

One of the most common health benefits people receive from an employer is dental insurance. It is the least expensive insurance and often has enormous health benefits to the people within the company. Not to mention that having a good smile helps you make yourself more presentable to the world. […]


Questions to Ask Your Knee Surgeon

As per reports, one third of the knee surgeries in US alone are carried out without any medical basis. The reasons are obvious as only limited amount of patients know or get the chance to explore the topic before they end up getting the surgery. The fact is we all […]


The Role of 3D Printing in Saving Life

When the concept of 3D first came into being, it took little time to capture the attention of people. Most people regard it as a manufacturing strategy. People are not wrong either. This is a manufacturing technology but the very idea of creating physical objects from a computer file is […]


Battle with Cancer-Types of Surgeries

Cancer, as we hear this term, it is obvious to feel the scare within, however, most of the forms of cancer is treatable provided it is diagnosed on time and treated without any delay. Generally the most common form of treating cancer is surgery. There are different types of surgery, […]


Can a Hospital Stay Make You Sick?

There are a variety of different reasons why you may end up having to stay at the hospital. For some people, a hospital stay is required due to illness, injury, or disease. For others, it may be due to a wellness visit or a specific type of treatment, such as […]


Best Places for Knee Replacement

A free seminar on the knee replacement was organized on June 24, at the Oasis Physical Therapy in Kennewick. The experts have discussed about the pros and the cons of undergoing total knee replacement surgery. They also highlighted regarding the appropriate time to have this surgery. The seminar also included […]