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Business planning

How Your Business Can Be More Sustainable

Being entirely sustainable is difficult for many companies, mostly because they did not begin their company with sustainability in mind when they started, and completely changing their productions can be both expensive and disruptive. However, instead of trying to do a complete overhaul to eliminate your carbon footprint, work on […]

Home & family

5 Green Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

With only Earth to call home, people are turning to environmentally friendly methods and products to do their part for the planet more often. Over 30 percent of builders are focusing on eco-friendly homes with over half of their projects focused on sustainability. This article focuses on 5 sustainable trends […]

Business planning

How Are Businesses Going Green?

There are many ways in which businesses are going green.  One way is by protecting their equipment that is already in use.  This saves them from having to replace parts, which means that fewer parts will be made, causing fewer emissions from the manufacturing process to be produced.  One of […]