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About the Blood Clotting Disorder

Blood clotting is not as bad as to be called a disorder. However, an inherited predisposition in the genes and injuries that may lead to abnormal blood clotting. This can lead to a number of diseases and health issues. Knowing about them can help you recognize the symptoms and take […]


Breast Cancer-Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Breast cancer - is a type of cancer occurring in many women nowadays. The number of cases is increasing day by day. According to a study, 16% of all female have breast cancer and 22.9% are invasive forms. Other value is 18.2% of deaths are caused by breast cancer-combining both […]

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The Mirena Detox

We are in the most toxic world which bombards us with the toxic from nearly every direction. We are in toxic environs, have toxic lifestyle and have toxic diet. We then to indulge in actions and habits that are detrimental and very toxic to the health, and yet we are […]


How to Maintain Better Bedroom Health

When practised safely, sex and foreplay can be some of the most exhilarating and rewarding parts of being a human being in a glorious physical body. Unfortunately, so much real-world, practical information is never spoken of due to the social taboos around talking about a past time that has been […]


Exploring the Intersection of Sexuality and Hormones

Human sexuality is a difficult and multifaceted aspect of our lives, influenced by many factors. One crucial element in understanding and unraveling the intricacies of sexuality is the role of hormones. Hormones are pivotal in shaping our sexual development, desire, and behavior. In this blog, we will commence on a […]


Understanding the Four Ds in Medical Malpractice

The US medical industry is on high alert due to the alarming number of medical malpractices reported in recent years . Such agonizing trends have prompted various investigations to try and uncover the root causes. Accordingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has been blamed as one of the significant causes of the […]


You Should Know These Most Common Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders are generally caused due to genetic abnormalities, like a mutation in the genes or the presence of additional chromosomes in the overall genetic makeup. Genetic abnormalities can easily be identified due to the widespread and deeper penetration of technology in the healthcare sector. Numerous studies are conducted to […]