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5 Benefits of a Destination Wedding

It’s no small feat to plan a wedding – but sometimes heading out of town is the answer. One in four weddings is a considered a “destination” one, per GroupTravel data, and it’s becoming an attractive option for many couples. It’s no wonder why these wedding options are so attractive. […]


Elliott Wave Theory

The ebb and flows of the market, have been analyzed for decades, and one technical analysis theory that can be used to evaluate the bigger picture of where the market is going is Elliott Wave Theory. This concept was developed by R.N. Elliot. Waves reflect sentiment along with fear and […]


Winter Landscaping Tips

Winter is a time of rest for plants. Flowers and grasses die, and trees lose their leaves, which can leave your yard looking sparse and bare. However, there are some simple things that you can do to allow your landscape to look beautiful all year round. Choosing Trees There are […]


Understanding The Event Process Flow

An event is not a single activity. A combination of various interlinked activities is usually referred as process. Any process can’t be completed until the sequence of steps is not determined. Event is a collection of numerous activities. There are sequential activities that constitute the flow of an event. It […]