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Is it Time to replace your Windows and Doors?

When it comes to remodeling your home, most people only look at the interior of the home. In most cases, projects like new carpet, paint, or new appliances for the kitchen are often considered first. For homeowners that are placing their home on the market, may even upgrade the bathtub, […]

High Tech Future Windows

High Tech Windows-Windows of the Future

The windows of a building are known to be the largest consumers of energy. Developers, builders, architects and home builders currently rely on reflective and energy efficient glass or low E-glass which makes use of a metallic coating to trap or reflect heat and light and thereby reduce energy costs. […]


Using the Charms Menu in Windows 8

As we already know, the start button is gone from Windows 8 even though it is now officially back in Windows 8.1 when booting to the desktop option. The start button was replaced in version 8 with the Charms Menu. Basically it pops out from the right side of the […]


Turn off Icon Drop Shadow Effect in Windows 8

The drop shadow effect is a feature in Windows systems that allow users to make icons and texts more visible on the wallpaper. Applying this effect, results in easier to read icon and texts on wallpapers that have both dark and light spots such as nature inspired or urban landscapes. […]